Lighting the Creative Spark to Kickstart Projects

6 Ways to Help Learners Connect at Conferences

By Melissa Ashley

While New Year’s resolutions are still intact and determination is running high, let’s talk creativity. As a Fuse Community Champion and one of the all-around most creative people we know, we tapped Liz Lathan to share her top 7 LinkedIn posts for getting out of your creative rut and planning your 2024 events with energy and enthusiasm.

Liz recently decided to produce a 12-hour digital telethon (yes, 12 hours!) to drive membership to her community – Club Ichi. She went from concept to completion in less than 2 months. As a seasoned show organizer, I’ve worked on teams that shaved a few weeks off a production schedule or launched registration a little late, but nothing along the lines of what Liz dared to accomplish.

Watching her in action made me wonder if creativity is a key trait in these bold people who exhibit no fear of getting started on complex projects. As Liz is nothing if not creative – from the name of her community (Ichi means “one” in Japanese and represents excellence or perfection), to the sequined PJs she and her partner, Nicole Osibodu, wore for the early start of the telethon, to the mystery city lunch tours she’s organizing to inspire members who signed up for her community. She even had the creative foresight to plan how to manage the inevitable technical glitches that will occur during a 12-hour digital telethon. My favorite was a sign reading “Whoopsie – Nicole’s not wearing pants again, please hold…”

Tapping into creativity can be the catalyst that transforms ideas into realities. If we find ourselves struggling with procrastination, it’s not that we lack the ability or even desire to accomplish our goals. Rather, we must channel our energies in a way that bypasses the immediate comfort-seeking that leads to procrastination. By adopting a creative mindset, we can find unique and compelling ways to kick-start our projects, professionally and personally. Whether it’s a home improvement project or a workplace idea, it’s time to don our creative hats, seek inspiration from the Liz Lathans of the world, and leap into action.

Here are 7 great ideas to kindle your creative spark, courtesy of Liz’s always on-point LinkedIn. Follow the links below for a deeper dive into each idea.

How To Choose Memorable Swag

Are your giveaways disposable trinkets or memorable keepsakes? Supercharge your swag with creative thinking and give your event guests something worthwhile to hold on to – and connect with.

How To Get Paid Communities Right

Tired of finding out that most paid communities promise the moon but rarely deliver even a fraction of what they say they offer? Here is an innovative take on how to break out of the rut and tap into communities that bring real value to their members.

How To Best Support Your Team In 2024

From fostering better mental health to kickstarting the creative process, bringing your team together with purpose can yield surprisingly wonderful outcomes. Tap into a fresh perspective (or two) on how to fuel amazing results in 2024.

How To Successfully Align Your Branding with Your Event Experience

When you succeed in connecting your brand experientially with your intended audience, that’s when the magic happens. Create touchpoints that align perfectly and leave people talking about your event long after it wraps up.

How To Save Dollars but Maximize the Event Experience

When faced with a budget cut, do you panic, or do you put on the old thinking cap? Make the most out of unforeseen cuts with creative solutions that don’t sacrifice the overall experience you are planning.

How To Create an Engaging Booth Space at Your Next Trade Show

There’s the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Chances are you’ve seen all three at the same show, and it’s very likely that the first one made an impression and earned your attention. Standing out in a crowded room is essential – and there are many innovative ways to meet this goal.

How To Build Meaningful Connections at Your Event

To foster deeper connections at events, you really need to mind your Cs. Care, collaboration, co-creation, conversation, connection, and community. Together, they make for a powerful mix that will generate meaningful and long-lasting results.