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Fuse positions event organizers to transform passive attendees into engaged, loyal participants.

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What if you could turbocharge your events to boost engagement and make attendees more excited to come back year after year? Conferences, trade shows, and other B2B events offer an incredible opportunity to help people forge lasting relationships and create long-term communities. But traditional event design often fails to fully capture this potential. Sure, most events offer networking, but just putting people in a room together isn’t enough to spark inspiration and meaningful connection. This is where Fuse comes in. We’re here to help event professionals harness the power of community, to turn attendees into loyal, enthusiastic participants.

September 18 | National Union Building | Washington, DC


Light up your creative side during a highly focused and collaborative one-day conference, where you’ll walk through hands-on activities with experts in event strategy and community management. At the end of the day, you will leave inspired to implement new community-driven strategies for your organization, all with the ongoing support of your Fuse community.

Learn new ways to engage event participants and strengthen your bottom line.

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Choose the resources that work best for you: Join the private Fuse LinkedIn group for event professionals, head to the Hot Takes blog to learn how top industry executives approach engagement strategies, or register to attend an upcoming event to experience firsthand how to design events with a community mindset.

Events spark growth.

Engagement fuels it.

Let’s tap into our collective professional expertise.


Events can be powerful transformative experiences that deliver unparalleled opportunities for attendees to learn, connect, and grow. But when everyone packs up and heads home, the euphoria and Eureka moments of the onsite experience quickly fade. Sustain the value of your events and uncover new monetization opportunities by helping attendees forge stronger connections – both with your brand and with each other.

With Fuse, learn not only what tactics to deploy, but also why they work and how to apply them to your specific brand. Events aren’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is Fuse. Get precisely what you need from this community – by requesting resources from Fuse moderators, asking questions of your peers in the Fuse LinkedIn group, or joining our dedicated group of Community Champions, whose invaluable direction and guidance help chart the course for Fuse’s continued evolution.

Hot Takes

The Power of Micro Events


How CVBs Build Community

Discover how VISIT Milwaukee champions community-building, partnering with event planners to showcase local, unforgettable experiences.



Lessons in Social Neuroscience


Propelling Healthcare Innovation through Community Collaboration

A conversation with Komita Primalani-Nanan, Director of Event Marketing, Surescripts.



The idea that event planners are not only experience-makers but also community designers is the cornerstone of Beyond The Room – The Four Phases of Community.


Beyond The Room – The Four Phases of Community

Learn how event planners can create transformative experiences that foster vibrant communities that remain connected, engaged, and actively participating together long after the event has ended.


Lessons in Social Neuroscience


Applying Lessons in Social Neuroscience to Community Building

Emma Sarro, PhD, is the Senior Director of Research at the NeuroLeadership Institute. We asked her: “How can infusing community create more memorable, valuable events?”


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