Creating community through collaboration


Fuse positions event organizers
to build sustainable communities of value.

Co-create the ultimate community building resource for event organizers.

Fuse is a collaborative peer network (aka a community!) for event organizers interested in engaging audiences beyond the core event. As we elevate our offerings to stay relevant year-round, our collective thinking will help us all thrive. Together we will uncover new tactics, define best practices for facilitating connections beyond the live event, and generate new monetization strategies.

Events spark growth.

Engagement fuels it.

Built with event professionals,

by event professionals.


Fuse is YOUR community. Choose how and when you want to participate.





Welcome to Fuse.


A message from our founder, Jennifer D. Collins, CMP, DES

Let’s tap into our collective professional expertise.


In a survey of event organizers, we found that most are overwhelmingly focused on “getting back to business” but agree that they would prefer to be the catalyst for driving engagement between attendees, fostering new business relationships and uncovering data and information year-round. None could point to a comprehensive community-centered resource focused on supporting event organizers as they look to expand their value proposition and engage their event audiences year-round. So, let’s curate it organically.

It costs nothing but a little bit of your time!

Register for a webinar, join a discussion, attend a meet-up, share resources, ask experts, make suggestions… It’s up to you!

If you’re interested in helping to build out the community engagement tools or provide content, please click here.

Join us as we work to build powerful experiences together.

Upcoming Webinar

Designing Inclusive Experiences

Discussion with Naomi Clare Crellin, Founder & CEO of StoryCraft Lab, followed by live Q&A
March 29 | 11 a.m. ET

Over the next few months, Fuse is hosting a series of webinars exploring the reciprocal relationship between events and community. It is only fitting that the first webinar will touch on the topic of belonging, a concept integral to the success of both an event and a community. Join Jennifer Collins as she speaks with Naomi Clare Crellin, the Founder & CEO of StoryCraft Lab, about strategies she has deployed to intentionally design an inclusive experience that can accommodate a diverse array of audience needs.

Join the Journey


Welcome! Join your peers to connect, learn and contribute to defining what community
means for our industry. Membership is free. We ask that you include your company
and title to confirm that you are part of the events industry.

(A Community Champion is part of our "Super User" group of highly engaged members interested in contributing content and strategizing on the build out of the community's engagement tools)