We are on a mission to
empower event organizers to
build effective communities.

It’s time to harness the power of community.

What if you could turbocharge your events to boost engagement and make attendees more excited to come back year after year? Conferences, trade shows, and other B2B events offer an incredible opportunity to help people forge lasting relationships and create long-term communities. But traditional event design often fails to fully capture this potential. Sure, most events offer networking, but just putting people in a room together isn’t enough to spark inspiration and meaningful connection. This is where Fuse comes in. We’re here to help you infuse community thinking into your event strategy so that you can harness the power to turn attendees into loyal, enthusiastic participants.

Fuse’s resources, events, and networking opportunities focus on offering tangible, easily implemented strategies and tactics for designing events with a community mindset. We’re taking a comprehensive approach, looking at the entire event life cycle – from pre-event, to onsite, to post-event and beyond. This is a collaborative space where diversity of thought is welcome. Whether your events are modest gatherings or blowout extravaganzas, find ideas here that spark imagination and fuel your organization’s growth.

Not sure where to start?

  • Head to the Fuse blog first to get your wheels turning.
  • Then join our LinkedIn group to meet other creative mavens, innovators, and thought leaders in the events industry. The LinkedIn group is the place to ask questions, source vendors and ideas, and share your own resources.
  • Finally, join our 2024 Spring Intensive in Washington, D.C. for an incredible one-day experience where you’ll create a tangible blueprint for enhancing your own event. We promise you won’t find yourself sitting in a room all day listening to speakers drone on and on. We’re walking the talk with the Intensive agenda, infusing it with engaging experiences from start to finish that will empower you to learn by doing.

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