Designing Inclusive Experiences, Part One

Discussion with Naomi Clare Crellin, Founder & CEO of Storycraft Lab.


In this two-part series, Fuse founder Jennifer Collins speaks with Naomi Clare Crellin, founder and CEO of Storycraft Lab, to understand the impact of personalization and the process of building a framework to intentionally design experiences that accommodate a diverse array of audience preferences.

Belonging is an emotional certainty that an individual’s presence within an experience matters. As event and community organizers, we must build a framework that creates a positive experience for each attendee by better understanding their preferences. Naomi suggests inviting the audience to participate in the process and demonstrate proactive listening by providing an architecture of choice. This may seem overwhelming initially, but the idea is not to create individual personalized experiences. Rather, it’s to design a few inclusive options based on groups of preference – instead of demographics (which often feed stereotypes).

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