Designing Inclusive Experiences, Part Two

Discussion with Naomi Clare Crellin, Founder & CEO of Storycraft Lab.


In this two-part series, Fuse founder Jennifer Collins speaks with Naomi Clare Crellin, founder and CEO of Storycraft Lab, to understand the impact of personalization and the process of building a framework of belonging. In Part One, we focus on strategy: the “why” behind creating a sense of belonging, how to quantify it, and the importance of personalization.

In Part Two, we dig deeper into real-life applications and share specifics on how to build that framework. The conversation centers around two themes: First, when we learn to cede control, new possibilities emerge. Second, personalization is not necessarily about individualized outcomes, but rather about providing appropriate options.

Jennifer emphasizes the importance of breaking down the audience’s experience into micro-journeys to make the experience more manageable, and also to ensure inclusivity is accounted for from start to finish. Naomi’s closing message underscores that spending time with your audience is always time well invested, as it moves beyond labels to commonalities and authentic preferences.